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This magazine includes my Vanilla Panna Cotta, Blueberry Muffin Macaron, S'mores Tart, and Ice Cream Sundae Macaron recipes. In addition to the recipes with detailed instruction and photographs to help you through each recipe, there are a few articles to give you additional details and information about my inspiration for and thoughts on some of the recipes. Each of the four recipes in this magazine comes with a video tutorial to demonstrate how to make the pastry and provide additional information. 


This edition of Trouvaille also includes the beginning of two new series of articles - Tales in the Kitchen and Pastry Adventures. These series will explore stories from my time in pastry school, as well as reviews and information about cafes I visit. 


This is a video tutorial edition! If you are interested in this ebook in the recipes only format, click here: 


If you are interested in a physical version of this magazine, click here to purchase the book through Blurb: 


If you want to check out other editions of my pastry magazine Trouvaille, click here: 

June Trouvaille - Video Tutorial Edition

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