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Who is ready for some fun gatherings this holiday season? I know I am! 


This set of macarons is inspired by beverages generally consumed in late fall and throughout the winter, and often at holiday gatherings. Recipes include five ganache based macaron fillings and five buttercream based macaron fillings, and notes on each macaron about how I made the macaron shell and recommendations for possible adjustments to the filling. 


Recipe Flavors Include: 


1.  Hot Cocoa Ganache

2.  Caramel Apple Cider Ganache

3.  Mulled Wine Ganache

4.  Spiced Butter Rum Ganache

5.  Cranberry Moscow Mule Ganache 

6.  Dirty Chai Buttercream

7.  Spiced Mixed Nuts Buttercream

8.  Raspberry, Lemon & Elderflower Buttercream

9.  Caramel Old Fashioned Buttercream

10.  Espresso Martini Buttercream 


Notes: This ebook is a recipes-only ebook! There are no corresponding video tutorials, or any additional information about scheduling, ingredients, packaging etc. If you are looking for those things, please check my products labeled BUNDLES & COURSES! 


Some of these recipes contain alcohol! Each recipe that does includes a note about how you can remove it or make the macaron completely NA. Please bake responsibly. 

Holiday Happy Hour Macaron Fillings

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