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Welcome to my Introduction to Macarons Course! 


This set of a 250 page eBook + 32 Video Tutorials is created for anyone who is absolutely new to making macarons, anyone who has tried a time or two but who wants to learn more, or anyone who has succeeded with the most basic macarons but is looking for the next steps in their macaron journey. 


We will begin with the three basic recipes for macarons - French meringue, Swiss meringue, and Italian meringue - and the most basic fillings for macarons, including buttercream - Italian, Swiss and American - and ganache - dark and white. 


From there we will explore 14 different variations for macaron making, including adding colorant, using a hand mixer, using cocoa powder, macaronaging with your mixer, using cookies as flour, dusted decorations, stamped decorations, and so much more! 


In addition to all of the recipes and instructions for recipe varitions, this course includes information on tools and ingredients, preparing for your bake, serving and storing your macarons, troubleshooting problems, and more. 



Introduction to Macarons Course

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