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This set of ten macaron filling recipes is perfect for the entire winter season! 


This ebook includes five ganache based recipes, five buttercream based recipes, my French method macaron shell recipe, and notes for each of the macarons in this set. 


Flavors Include: 

- Mint Chocolate Brownie Ganache

- Gingerbread Cake Ganache 

- Winter Spice Latte Ganache

- Coconut Almond Ganache

- Peanut Butter Blossom Ganache

- Eggnog Buttercream

- Mince Pie Buttercream

- Cardamom Almond Bun Buttercream

- Chestnut Yuzu Buttercream

- Gingerbread Tiramisu Buttercream 


If you are interested in a physical copy of this book, click here: 


Note: This is a macaron fillings ebook! There are no corresponding videos or templates - there are only recipes for this set! 

Winter Wonderland Macaron Fillings eBook

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