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Circle Macaron Template

Classic macarons are traditionally small circles. There is a bit of variety in the size of shell, and for different reasons some people prefer making larger or smaller shells! 

My go-to, regular circle macaron size is about 4cm or about 1.6 inches in diameter when piped. This is a template I made for myself, and now I'd like to share it with you! 

There are two versions: one with evenly spaced circles in four rows down, and one with circles that alternate positions in five rows. 

Eclair Macaron Template

If you are thinking about making some eclair shaped macarons in your kitchen, I've got a template for that!

Often when I make eclair shaped macarons, I just use sticky notes or colored paper to create a rectangle pattern last minute BUT I've created an actual template to make your bakes a little bit easier!

This eclair template comes with one page of oval templates and one page of rectangle templates - because I like to visualize the rectangles even if the shapes end up more oval in shape.

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