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PREVIEW Macaron Courses + eBooks

Download a little peek of each macaron course! Check out the style of each ebook, see some of the pages first hand, and take a look at some of the video content included in the tutorials. 

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Be Mine

This Valentine's Day inspired ebook is actually perfect for any time between the late winter and early summer season, and is full of fruit, chocolate and cheesecake inspired macarons! With four ganache based recipes, one salted caramel filling, and five buttercream based fillings, everyone is sure to find something to fall in love with.


Winter Wonderland

This recipes-only ebook contains ten all new macaron filling recipes that are inspired by the holiday season! However most of the flavors are intended to last not just through December and the end of the holidays, but through the entire remainder of the winter season. This collection of macaron filling recipes includes five ganache based recipes and five buttercream based recipes - all of them sure to wow all your friends, family, guests or customers!

DSC05026 2.JPG
DSC05026 2.JPG

Holiday Happy Hour

This recipes-only ebook contains ten all new macaron filling recipes that are inspired by all of the delicious drinks of the season! This ebook contains five ganache based recipes and five buttercream based recipes - some of which are inspired by alcoholic beverages and some inspired by N/A beverages. 

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Cozy Macaron Fillings

Cozy Fillings

This recipes-only ebook contains ten all new macaron filling recipes that are perfect for cooler fall weather, autumn flavors, or any time you want a comfort-food macaron! Five of the recipes are ganache based, using a variety of chocolates including dark, white and gold chocolates. The remaining five recipes are buttercream based, and include additional fillings such as cookie dough and milk jam!


Birthday Party

Celebrate my birthday with me!

This ebook + macaron course focuses on how to recreate cake flavors and designs in macaron version, with a couple regular circle macarons and one extravagant, slice of cake shaped macaron!


Fall Flavors

Bring on all the warm and cozy spices! This fall inspired box of macrons is packed with delicious, seasonal flavors ranging from the more basic pumpkin spice latte to the more complex sweet potato maple za'atar and everything in between. 

Berry Patch

This fruit inspired box of macarons is full of vibrant colors and delicious flavors! Ranging from simple classics you can keep in your repertoire all year round to more complicated shapes and techniques you'll want to pull out for special themes and occasions. 


Brunch Box

Get ready for BRUNCH!

This box of macarons is incredibly special, with a range of macarons that even includes TWO savory flavors! From crowd pleasing flavors and simple shapes to unique tastes and intricate royal icing designs, this set is going to fit right in at any weekend brunch party.

Beach Day

Take a trip to the beach any time of year with this delightful set of macarons!

Including my favorite shaped macaron, the mermaid bear, the most decadent turtle flavored turtle macarons, creamy vanilla malt shells, and pina colada ganache!


Introduction to Macarons

Dive into the foundations of making macarons with this comprehensive course for beginner bakers.

Covering all three standard macaron methods (French, Swiss and Italian) as well as techniques like adding color, making swirl macarons, flavoring your macaron shells, adding simple decoration, basic macaron fillings, and so much more!

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