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Welcome to my new pastry magazine! 


This magazine includes my Cherry Blossom Cut Cake, Lemon Blueberry Choux, Passion Fruit Pineapple Macaron and Peanut Caramel Cookie Dough Macaron recipes. In addition to the recipes with detailed instruction and photographs to help you through each recipe, there are a few articles to give you additional details and information about my inspiration for and thoughts on some of the recipes. 


This ebook edition comes with four video tutorials - one for each of the recipes. The links are at the back of the ebook, and you will have access to them forever as long as you download the ebook! 


If you are interested in a physical version of this magazine, click here to purchase the book through Blurb: 


If you are interested in the ebook WITHOUT the video tutorials, click here:

March 2024 TROUVAILLE Magazine - Volume 1, Part 1 - Video Tutorial Edition

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