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If you are looking for only ganache based macaron fillings, you are in the right place!


This ebook contains ganache recipes from all of the ebooks I've published from June - November 2023, as well as my basic French macaron shell recipe and information about how to calculate the yield of your macaron fillings. 


The recipe flavors include: 


1. Basic Dark Chocolate Ganache

2. Basic White Chocolate Ganache

3. Passion Fruit Ganache

4. Pina Colada Ganache

5. Cereal Milk Ganache

6. Blackberry Ganache

7. Strawberry Ganache

8. Pumpkin Spice Latte Ganache

9. Sticky Chai Ganache

10. Almond Butter Ganache

11. Orange Caramel Ganache 

12. Ginger Dark Chocolate Ganache

13. Mulled Wine Ganache

14. Buttered Rum Ganache


If you are interested in a physical copy of this book, click here: 


Again, this is a compilation ebook - so if you have purchased my Introduction to Macarons ebook, Beach Day, Brunch Box, Berry Patch, Fall Flavors, Cozy Fillings and/or Happy Hour ebooks you might have one or more of these recipes already! 


This book does not contain any buttercream recipes and it does not come with any video tutorials. If you would like the video tutorials that match a few of the recipes included in this ebook, please see the themed tutorial course that the recipe is originally a part of! 


GANACHE Volume 1

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