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Dive into ten all new recipes PERFECT for fall and early winter! 


Including five ganache based macaron fillings and five buttercream based macaron fillings, and notes on each macaron about I made the macaron shell and recommendations for possible adjustments to the filling. 


Recipe Flavors Include: 


1.  Horchata Ganache

2.  Almond Butter Ganache 

3.  Orange Caramel Ganache

4.  Black Sesame Dark Chocolate Ganache

5.  Ginger Chocolate Ganache 

6.  Bread Pudding Buttercream 

7.  Pumpkin Cheesecake Buttercream 

8.  Coconut, Orange, Dark Chocolate Cookie Douth Macarons

9.  Brown Butter Sesame Cookie Dough Macarons

10.  Maple Butterscotch Buttercream 


If you are interested in a physical copy of this book, click here: 


Note: This ebook is a recipes-only ebook! There are no corresponding video tutorials, or any additional information about scheduling, ingredients, packaging etc. If you are looking for those things, please check my products labeled BUNDLES & COURSES! 

Cozy Macaron Fillings

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